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Frage Question about Test Server

I have an account registered on the test sever and I want to know: what is the real benefit of doing all those "tests"?

What's in it for me?
Do I get something on my normal account for testing, or all the bonuses are on the Test Server?

Like the new Rainbow mount that states clearly only for test accounts!
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From a community-orientated perspective: if you test out new features/events, etc and find errors and report them, you have helped make the game more enjoyable for all.
From a self-orientated perspective: you get to see and try out what is likely up-and-coming on the main servers ahead of time.

Occasionally, the dev, team will give you a higher level on, for example, your Knowledge tree so that you can try out a proposed new feature (e.g. the mounts and the capes). Or you may get given Anders for buying a test item or just as a "thank-you" at their discretion. You are not obliged or compelled to have/operate a test a/c. It is a privilege, IMO.
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Hello Coograth,

-SirMadMan- is correct essentially. The accounts on the test server do a couple of things primarily:
  • For you: You get to see new events, levels, parallel worlds, equipment, goodies, etc before they hit the production server. This can give you a heads up of what is coming up and how you might want to prepare your real character.
  • For the game: Your participation and feedback help the development team do some fine tuning of new things and shake out any last minute glaring bugs.
Many times, as in the past, DSO has added upper level characters to active accounts to help test new features (as in with the 6v6 testing last year).

I encourage you to get you an account and check it out from time to time. It is a big help overall for the game community.
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