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Default Event Tutorial


Events are always posted in the Official Announcement. They challenge players to a series of tasks and provide substantial rewards.

To take part in the Events one must first build the Event Plaza from the last TAB of the Designer Depot.

*** Event Plaza is available from Mayor Level 8 ***

Event Plaza

When an event is active in the game this symbol appears over the Event Plaza.

There is a limited time frame when you can start this even. Timer can be seen by hovering over the Plaza.

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Event Details

Clicking on the Plaza when event is active will show more details.

(A) - Event Timer = amount of time available to finish the event.
*** This timer will only be activated after event is started by the player
(B) - Event Stages = number of stages necessary to complete the event.
(C) - Event Tasks = details the tasks requirements
(D) - Stage Rewards = details rewards for each stage
(E) - Event Reward = final reward for completing the event.
(F) - Start Event = by clicking start the event will be begin

When the Event is started this symbol will appear over your Plaza
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Completing Stages

Open Event Plaza for more details

(A) - Stages Status = each Cup is the reward for a completed stage
(B) - Fulfilled Task = green tick shows enough items have been delivered
(C) - Unfulfilled Task = more items are still required
(D) - Deliver Button = press to deliver items for event.
(E) - Required Quantity = necessary quantity of items delivered/total

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can't I launch an Event?
A: There is no event active, please check Official Announcements.

Q: Where can I find more information about the Event?
A: Events details are posted in Official Announcements.

Q: What happens if I cannot finish the event before timer runs out?
A: You will be rewarded only for the completed stages.

Q: Do the items return if event ends before completing a stage?
A: No, items are not refunded.

Q: Where can I find the items for event?
A: There are 3 types of event items:

(1) Collect Materials - are received while collecting rents from any or a specific type of citizen (this distinction is explained in the Event details)

(2) Production Materials - can be produced by manufacturing facilities.
*** Some Products are available only during the Event Stage that requires them.

(3) Street Materials - are received upon clearing items on the city roads and squares. These cost a certain amount of coins and take a specific amount of time to finish.
*** Clearing street items can be finished instantly using MM or their timer can be shortened using Xpresso.

Q: Can I buy Event Materials?

A: Yes, some Materials can be bought from marketplace, others can be bought using MM directly from Warehouse.

Q: What happens if I produce more Materials?

A: All Materials are kept in Warehouse until the event is over, and then removed.

Q: How long does the Event last?

A: There are 2 different Timers:

(1) Active Timer = common to all players; shows how long is the event available for participants to start. Shown on Plaza Before event is started by player.

(2) Event Timer = specific for each player; fixed amount of time available for event to be completed. Shown on Plaza After event is started by player.

Q: How can I stop the event?

A: Event can only be stopped if another event is started.

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